Apply for accreditation

To become an accredited certifier in NSW, you must apply to the Building Professionals Board.

Your application must include all required information and supporting documents to be accepted and processed as quickly as possible. Some documents must be notified by a solicitor or Justice of the Peace.

Click on a link below to find the right form for you:

Transferring accreditation from another State

If you are accredited as a certifier in another State/Territory, you can apply for accreditation in NSW under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992. To do this:

Remember that while most states accredit private building surveyors, in NSW 'building surveyor' simply refers to a subset of the many different categories of certifiers.

Changing an existing category of accreditation

To change your existing category of accreditation, complete a new application for the category you wish to add, and/or in relation to conditions you want to have removed/ varied.

Read more about renewing or changing accreditation

Application forms

New individual application - categories A-D

pdf Accreditation application form (PDF | 562.1K) - submit together with the following as needed:

  • pdf Referee's statement template (PDF | 199.7K) - all applicants, attach statements from three referees
  • pdf Resume template (PDF | 164K) - for applicants who don't have a recognised registration listed in the accreditation scheme
  • pdf Comparative analysis report (PDF | 139.2K) - for applicants who don't have a qualification listed in schedule 3 of the accreditation scheme
  • pdf Performance criteria report (PDF | 135.4K) - for all B1 and D1 applicants, and certain applicants in A and C categories
  • Evidence checklist - B, C and D categories (see below)

Certifiers whose accreditation expired less than three months ago

Application for corporate accreditation

Application - category E1 (swimming pool certification)