Building Professionals Act Review draft report submissions

The independent review of the Building Professionals Act 2005 examined the effective operation of certification and building regulation in NSW.

The pdf draft report for the Building Professionals Act review (PDF | 2.4M) was exhibited from 21 August-21 September 2015, following consultation on the discussion paper for the review.

Draft report exhibition submissions

144 submissions were received during (and after) the public consultation period from 21 August-21 September 2015. One organisation requested its submission remain confidential; this submission is not published below.

Submission from Download submission
Sam Al-Abdallah doc Submission - Sam Al-Abdallah (Word | 33K)
Albury City Council pdf Submission - Albury City Council (PDF | 2.2M)
Ahmed Al Jamali doc Submission - Ahmed Al Jamali (Word | 23K)
ARUP engineering pdf Submission - ARUP engineering (PDF | 170.5K)
Association of Accredited Certifiers pdf Submission - Association of Accredited Certifiers (PDF | 194.1K)
Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia - NSW pdf Submission - Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia - NSW (PDF | 437.1K)
Australian Institute of Architects pdf Submission - Australian Institute of Architects (PDF | 54.1K)
Australian Institute of Building Surveyors pdf Submission - Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (PDF | 707.6K)
Imran Aziz doc Submission - Imran Aziz (Word | 32.5K)
Richard Bacon doc Submission - Richard Bacon (Word | 32.5K)
John Baiada pdf Submission - John Baiada (PDF | 262.4K)
Bankstown City Council pdf Submission - Bankstown City Council (PDF | 649.9K)
Barker Ryan Stewart pdf Submission - Barker Ryan Stewart (PDF | 145.7K)
BCA Logic pdf Submission - BCA Logic (PDF | 372.5K)
Bronwyn Bellemore doc Submission - Bronwyn Bellemore (Word | 31.5K)
Bombala Council doc Submission - Bombala Council (Word | 28.5K)
Staff at Bourke Shire Council doc Submission - staff at Bourke Shire Council (Word | 35.5K)
Tom Bowden pdf Submission - Tom Bowden (PDF | 136.9K)
Dan Bowland doc Submission - Dan Bowland (Word | 33.5K)
Building Designers Australia pdf Submission - Building Designers Australia (PDF | 231.4K)
Building Designers Australia - Tweed Richmond Clarence Chapter pdf Submission - Building Designers Australia - TRC Chapter (PDF | 45.5K)
buildingSMART pdf Submission - buildingSMART (PDF | 147.4K)
Campbelltown City Council pdf Submission - Campbelltown City Council (PDF | 1.7M)
Mark Cassidy pdf Submission - Mark Cassidy (PDF | 339.1K)
Daniel Chapman doc Submission - Daniel Chapman (Word | 32K)
Mark Clapshaw doc Submission - Mark Clapshaw (Word | 32.5K)
City of Sydney
City Plan Services pdf Submission - City Plan Services (PDF | 132.2K)
Clarence Valley Council doc Submission - Clarence Valley Council (Word | 108.5K)
Dick Clarke doc Submission - Dick Clarke (Word | 32.5K)
Martin Clayton doc Submission - Martin Clayton (Word | 33.5K)
Peter Conroy pdf Submission - Peter Conroy (PDF | 662.5K)
Construction Business Statistics Centre - Australian Bureau of Statistics pdf Submission - Construction Business Statistics Centre - ABS (PDF | 63.3K)
CPD Training pdf Submission - CPD Training (PDF | 156.4K)
Mark Davis doc Submission - Mark Davis (Word | 38.5K)
Defire pdf Submission - Defire (PDF | 182.1K)
Les Dickson pdf Submission - Les Dickson (PDF | 60.5K)
Jonathan Drane
Richard Evans pdf Submission - Richard Evans (PDF | 193.6K)
Craig Farrugia doc Submission - Craig Farrugia (Word | 32K)
Paul Ferguson pdf Submission - Paul Ferguson (PDF | 217.5K)
Luis Ferreira doc Submission - Luis Ferreira (Word | 22.5K)
Domenico Fimmano doc Submission - Domenico Fimmano (Word | 33K)
Fire and Rescue NSW pdf Submission - Fire and Rescue NSW (PDF | 3.9M)
Fire Protection Association Australia pdf Submission - Fire Protection Association Australia (PDF | 501.7K)
Brent Fitzpatrick doc Submission - Brent Fitzpatrick (Word | 32.5K)
Sally Gardner doc Submission - Sally Gardner (Word | 32.5K)
Jean-Paul Ghantous doc Submission - Jean-Paul Ghantous (Word | 37K)
Ryan Giorgiutti doc Submission - Ryan Giorgiutti (Word | 32.5K)
Tracy Graham doc Submission - Tracy Graham (Word | 32K)
Boris Grgurevic pdf Submission - Boris Grgurevic (PDF | 41K)
Hugh Halcrow doc Submission - Hugh Halcrow (Word | 35K)
Bob Harris doc Submission - Bob Harris (Word | 33K)
Jamie Harris doc Submission - Jamie Harris (Word | 344K)
Neil Harris doc Submission - Neil Harris (Word | 32.5K)
John Hatch doc Submission - John Hatch (Word | 31.5K)
Housing Industry Association pdf Submission - Housing Industry Association (PDF | 427.7K)
Robin Howard doc Submission - Robin Howard (Word | 117K)
Institute of Public Works Engineering NSW Division pdf Submission - Institute of Public Works Engineering NSW (PDF | 458.5K)
Insurance Council of Australia doc Submission - Insurance Council of Australia (Word | 33.5K)
Susan Jarrett doc Submission - Susan Jarrett (Word | 34K)
Greg Johnston doc Submission - Greg Johnston (Word | 40.5K)
Kiama Municipal Council pdf Submission - Kiama Municipal Council (PDF | 246K)
Anna Klimova pdf Submission - Anna Klimova (PDF | 56K)
Martin Kolarik pdf Submission - Martin Kolarik (PDF | 194K)
Chris Knierim doc Submission - Chris Knierim (Word | 33.5K)
Ashwin Kumar doc Submission - Ashwin Kumar (Word | 31.5K)
Land Development Certificates pdf Submission - Land Development Certificates (PDF | 4.7M)
Lane Cove Council pdf Submission - Lane Cove Council (PDF | 1.5M)
Jeff Lee doc Submission - Jeff Lee (Word | 32K)
Michael Lever doc Submission - Michael Lever (Word | 33K)
Local Government development engineers doc Submission - Local Government development engineers (Word | 102.5K)
Local Government Engineers Association of NSW pdf Submission - Local Government Engineers Association of NSW (PDF | 385.7K)
Local Government NSW
Maitland City Council pdf Submission - Maitland City Council (PDF | 2.1M)
David Manché doc Submission - David Manché (Word | 38.5K)
Master Builders Association
Anthony McDermott doc Submission - Anthony McDermott (Word | 24.5K)
Rodney McGrath pdf Submission - Rodney McGrath (PDF | 160.4K)
Ledell McHugh doc Submission - Ledell McHugh (Word | 32.5K)
Kylie Mitchell doc Submission - Kylie Mitchell (Word | 22.5K)
Multi-disciplinary Committee - Engineers Australia pdf Submission - Multi-disciplinary Committee - EA (PDF | 442K)
Firas Naji doc Submission - Firas Naji (Word | 32K)
National Fire Industry Association pdf Submission - National Fire Industry Association (PDF | 219.7K)
National Fire Industry Association - NSW Chapter pdf Submission - NFIA NSW (PDF | 5.3M)
Newcastle City Council pdf Submission - Newcastle City Council (PDF | 3.5M)
Daniel O'Connor doc Submission - Daniel O'Connor (Word | 32.5K)
Eamonn O'Mahony doc Submission - Eamonn O'Mahony (Word | 35K)
Owners Corporation Network
Paddington Society pdf Submission - Paddington Society (PDF | 399.1K)
Anthony Patti doc Submission - Anthony Patti (Word | 33.5K)
Penrith City Council pdf Submission - Penrith City Council (PDF | 285.5K)
Greg Pooley docx Submission - Greg Pooley (Word | 16.4K)
Staff at Port Macquarie-Hastings Council doc Submission - staff at Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (Word | 32.5K)
Merv Prendergast doc Submission - Merv Prendergast (Word | 25.5K)
Pro Cert pdf Submission - Pro Cert (PDF | 420.8K)
Property Council of Australia pdf Submission - Property Council of Australia (PDF | 639.6K)
Ahsan Qureshi pdf Submission - Ahsan Qureshi (PDF | 413K)
Randwick City Council
Lawrence Reddaway
Greg Richards doc Submission - Greg Richards (Word | 31K)
Charles Rickard pdf Submission - Charles Rickard (PDF | 414.7K)
Louis Rizzo doc Submission - Louis Rizzo (Word | 32.5K)
RLA Building Design pdf Submission - RLA Building Design (PDF | 114.5K)
Sazan Rokhzayi pdf Submission - Sazan Rokhzayi (PDF | 41.3K)
Hylda Rolfe docx Submission - Hylda Rolfe (Word | 14.7K)
David Rowe pdf Submission - David Rowe (PDF | 30.2K)
Howard Ryan doc Submission - Howard Ryan (Word | 33K)
Ryde Environment Group pdf Submission - Ryde Environment Group (PDF | 670.2K)
Ben Sammut pdf Submission - Ben Sammut (PDF | 3.9M)
Estrella Sandoval doc Submission - Estrella Sandoval (Word | 42K)
Michael Schafer doc Submission - Michael Schafer (Word | 32.5K)
Shoalhaven City Council docx Submission - Shoalhaven City Council (Word | 34K)
Shore Regional Organisation of Councils pdf Submission - Shore Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF | 599.4K)
Alan Smith doc Submission - Alan Smith (Word | 35K)
Colin Smith doc Submission - Colin Smith (Word | 33K)
Keith Smith doc Submission - Keith Smith (Word | 32.5K)
Society of Building Services Engineers pdf Submission - Society of Building Services Engineers (PDF | 176.5K)
Society of Construction Law Australia
Society of Fire Safety NSW Chapter - Engineers Australia pdf Submission - Society of Fire Safety NSW - EA (PDF | 95.6K)
Robert Speirs-Ferrari pdf Submission - Robert Speirs-Ferrari (PDF | 232.9K)
Jenny Starkey doc Submission - Jenny Starkey (Word | 32.5K)
Kirsty Starkey doc Submission - Kirsty Starkey (Word | 33K)
Tim Stenning doc Submission - Tim Stenning (Word | 34.5K)
Strathfield Council pdf Submission - Strathfield Council (PDF | 370.2K)
Tamworth Regional Council pdf Submission - Tamworth Regional Council (PDF | 738.3K)
Peter Turner doc Submission - Peter Turner (Word | 32.5K)
Tweed Shire Council pdf Submission - Tweed Shire Council (PDF | 755.2K)
Urban Taskforce pdf Submission - Urban Taskforce (PDF | 303.2K)
Edwin Vanegas doc Submission - Edwin Vanegas (Word | 42.5K)
Wagga Wagga City Council pdf Submission - Wagga Wagga City Council (PDF | 146.4K)
Neil Waldron doc Submission - Neil Waldron (Word | 32.5K)
Staff at Walgett Shire Council doc Submission - staff at Walgett Shire Council (Word | 30K)
Warringah Council pdf Submission - Warringah Council (PDF | 85.6K)
Water Directorate pdf Submission - Water Directorate (PDF | 1.8M)
Mark Watts doc Submission - Mark Watts (Word | 32.5K)
Ray Whitehead doc Submission - Ray Whitehead (Word | 32.5K)
Philip Wilkins doc Submission - Philip Wilkins (Word | 28K)
Louise A. Williams doc Submission - Louise A. Williams (Word | 33.5K)
Andrew Wilson doc Submission - Andrew Wilson (Word | 37K)
Woollahra Municipal Council pdf Submission - Woollahra Municipal Council (PDF | 722K)
Wyong Shire Council pdf Submission - Wyong Shire Council (PDF | 4M)
Joint response from various industry associations pdf Submission - joint industry response (PDF | 339.8K)
Anonymity requested - building designer doc Submission - anonymous building designer (Word | 32.5K)