Certification in NSW in 2012-13

Local development performance monitoring provides statistics about development in NSW, such as the volume, value and type of development.

2012-13 data reveals trends whereby non-council certifiers are issuing a higher proportion of construction, occupation and strata certificates each year. The use of non-council certification services is expected to rise, following recent legislative changes that expanded the range of potential complying development. The figures below show these trends, and the tables provide more detail.

In NSW during 2012-13:

  • almost $25 billion worth of development was approved, an 11% increase in value from 2011-12. This included $3 billion of complying development, a 35% increase in value from 2011-12
  • non-council certifiers determined $2.6 billion worth of complying development certificates, or 18.7% of all development in NSW. This continues the upwards trend shown in the figure below
  • complying development made up 25.6% of all development approvals, up from 22.9% in 2011-12. This is expected to increase further with the recent expansion to the range of potential complying development. In turn, this will increase reliance on non-council certifiers
  • non-council certifiers and councils issued an equal number of construction certificates and a fairly equal number of occupation certificates. Should recent trends continue, the statistics for 2013-2014 will probably show that non-council certifiers are issuing the majority of construction certificates and occupation certificates.

Reminder: certifiers must submit applications, determinations and certificates to the council within two days of determination. Some certifiers do not do this, or submit incomplete documentation, meaning that determination times for complying development certificates by non-council certifiers are unknown.


Certification statistics 2011-12 2012-13
Construction certificates issued

52% by councils

48% by non-council certifiers

50% (23,693) by councils

50% (23,795) by non-council certifiers

47,488 in total

Occupation certificates issued

52% (25,557) by councils

48% (23,291) by non-council certifiers

48,848 in total

47% (22,226) by councils

53% (25,199) by non-council certifiers

47,425 in total

Strata certificates issued

70% by councils

30% by non-council certifiers

63% by councils

37% by non-council certifiers

834 in total


Complying development 2011-12 2012-13
Applications determined

30% by councils

70% by non-council certifiers

17,128 total

26% by councils

74% by non-council certifiers

19,192 in total

Number issued 17,077 19,147
% of all development approvals 22.9% 25.6%
$ value $2.24 billion $3.03 billion
Most common type Residential alterations and additions (40.7%) Residential alterations and additions (37.1%)
% of single dwellings as complying development 16% 23%
% of residential alterations and additions as complying development 24% 26%
% of commercial/ retail/ office as complying development 35% 38%
Average processing time by councils 18 days 17 days


More information

Each year, councils submit data for local development performance monitoring data to the Department of Planning and Environment, for analysis and reporting.

Read about local development performance monitoring on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website, or download results for previous years from our practice advice page.