Code of conduct

The code of conduct for accredited certifiers sets out required professional and ethical standards for all certifiers. It is in Schedule 4 of the Building Professionals Board accreditation scheme.

Breaches to the code may constitute unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct under the Building Professionals Act 2005. The Building Professionals Board takes any breach seriously, and has the power to investigate certifiers and impose a range of disciplinary actions.

Code of conduct requirements

The code of conduct sets out the required behaviour and standards for all certifiers, covering:

  • acting in the public interest
  • regarding the interests of the client and others
  • not misinforming, or otherwise misleading
  • treatment of others
  • duty of care
  • making decisions and taking actions
  • protecting and using information
  • acting within competence
  • the proper exercising of power
  • gifts and benefits
  • bias.

Related legislation

The code of conduct does not stand alone. Read obligations for certifiers to understand the obligations of certifiers under NSW and Commonwealth legislation.

Breaches to the code

If you believe your certifier has breached their obligations and responsibilities under the code, you can lodge a complaint. We may decide to investigate and if your complaint is proven, we can enforce a range of disciplinary actions.

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