Complaints and appeals case studies

The Building Professionals Board has statutory powers to conduct formal investigations into accredited certifiers and councils. These case studies are published to help certifiers improve practices and procedures.
  • Setting and enforcing clear conditions of consent
    31 Aug 2015
    A council alleged a certifier didn't ensure a stormwater detention system had been constructed in accordance with the approved plans. However, the council had written the conditions of consent in a way that gave the certifier some discretion in decision-making.
  • Determining number of storeys: Codes SEPP
    19 Sep 2014
    A certifier issued complying development certificates for houses that were two-storey for most of the floor plan, but actually had three storeys in some parts. The certifier applied the definition of a storey contained in the Building Code of Australia, but should have used the definition in the Standard Instrument.
  • Consistency of a construction certificate with the development consent
    13 Jun 2014
    The Building Professionals Board investigated a certifier who issued a construction certificate and endorsed detailed construction plans that included 53 changes to the development consent plans.
  • Incorrect building classification
    14 Mar 2014
    The Building Professionals Board investigated a certifier who incorrectly assessed the BCA classification for a development and made further errors in certifying the development.