Complying development course (CPD)

In October 2015, the Building Professionals Board introduced a CPD course in complying development. 
All A1-A3 certifiers (council and non-council) must successfully complete the course within 12 months of renewing their certificate of accreditation.
Participants will study:
  • best practice in complying development certification 
  • research skills to identify and interpret relevant sections of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
  • evidence-based decision making processes for the issue of complying development certificates, including documenting the decision 
  • policies and procedures for issuing complying development certificates 
  • certifiers’ code of conduct requirements.
The Board has only approved of the course being provided by two training organisations:
  • AAC (online) - $660 GST inclusive
  • CPD Training (face-to-face) - $660 GST inclusive
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