Common development concerns

Most common concerns about development can be avoided through early and regular communication and cooperation. This ensures that property owners, certifiers, councils and builders understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Building work may cause some disruption, so talk about your plans with your neighbours before you start. Discuss your building schedule and any potential noise, rubbish or access issues.

You should only lodge a formal complaint against an accredited certifier or principal certifying authority when all other options have been exhausted.

Common concerns about neighbouring development

Read about roles in enforcement to find out who to contact for concerns such as construction outside the permitted hours, property damage, or asbestos and other health and safety issues.

The most common concerns are about complying development, in particular:

  • depth of excavation, basements, and retaining walls
  • height, setback, and number of storeys of a building
  • boundaries and privacy screens
  • site conditions such as tree protection and driveway access for neighbours.

Read more about complying development on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment's website.

Case studies of proven complaints

Read case studies of proven complaints for examples of how particular complaints against certifiers have been investigated and the outcomes of each.