Data reporting options

Councils and certifiers can choose from different options to report data about building certification to the NSW Government, to meet reporting requirements for principal certifying authorities (PCA) that were mandatory from 1 July 2018.

The best reporting option for each certifying authority depends mainly on the software used for recordkeeping, but the volume of certification work is also a factor.

You can change your reporting option if your business needs change.

Data reporting options

Compliant software products

The following software products and providers are the only products/providers verified by the Government as compliant with the data reporting requirements.

Important: Certifiers are responsible for checking any certificate/document generated from these products meets legislative requirements.

API (application programming interface)

The API suits councils or certifiers that use or are considering cloud-based certification software.

Software providers and IT specialists, download the:

When you’re ready to test your product, email with your name and phone number to request access to the ‘Building Certifiers API’.

SFTP (secure file transfer protocol)

The SFTP suits councils or certifiers that:

  • use a database or software package for recordkeeping, but it’s not necessarily certification software nor cloud-based
  • have, or can access, IT capacity to make the necessary data and network changes to adopt the SFTP option (further IT support shouldn’t be required once the SFTP is set up).

Download the:

Note: the SFTP specifications are not forms to fill out – they are instructions for how to configure the data file. If you don't have expertise in software development, forward the documents without alteration to your IT/ software provider.

When you're ready to test your system:

  • email with your contact details, organisation name and IP address.
  • if needed, ask your IT service provider to white list our IP addresses/names ( | ) and ( | ).

CertAbility web app

The free CertAbility web app suits certification practices that:

  • have a low volume of certification work (because the app requires manual data entry for each project)
  • have limited IT capacity
  • don't currently use a database or dedicated certification software, and do not intend to upgrade.

Visit and login with your existing username and password. If you're a new usercontact the Board to request access.

If you need help, pdf download the CertAbility user guide (PDF | 1.5M).

The app requires manual data entry and is not suited for high-volume certification practices. If your practice is growing, consider either the API or SFTP for more long-term convenience.

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