Replace a certifier

The fastest and easiest way to replace your principal certifying authority (PCA) is to make an agreement between you (the property owner), the current PCA and proposed new PCA.

Two options to replace a principal certifying authority

1. Fastest option: make an agreement between you, the current PCA and proposed new PCA.

The new PCA then notifies the council and the existing PCA, using the pdf notice of new PCA form (PDF | 199.4K). You can only engage the replacement PCA once notice is given to the council (and the consent authority where required).

2. If all three parties don't agree: apply to the Building Professionals Board to change your PCA.

Complete an pdf application to replace PCA form (PDF | 284K) and send it to the Board. You must provide a good reason to replace your PCA.

You can’t engage a new PCA until the Board gives you approval, and the council and PCA have been notified.

The application must be from you (as the person with the benefit of development consent, usually the property owner), or someone who has your written authorisation to apply.

PCAs whose accreditation expires or is suspended/ cancelled

A certifier cannot act as your PCA if his or her accreditation has expired, or been suspended or cancelled by the Board. Your PCA should advise you immediately if this occurs.

To replace your PCA, complete an pdf application to replace PCA form (PDF | 284K) and send it to the Board.