Common questions asked by local councils

Common questions the Building Professionals Board receives from local councils about building certification and development.

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I lodged a complaint with the Board – what is the status of my complaint?

If the Board has decided to conduct a formal investigation in response to your complaint, this will be conducted by one of our senior investigators. Please contact the Board between 9:30am – 11:30am Monday to Friday to speak to an investigator.

How can I obtain advice about legislation, policies, standards or the BCA?

Read information on legislation, policies and standards, and the appropriate body to contact for advice about each. You may also wish to ask a more experienced certifier, other council staff or solicitor for advice.

Why was the Board's accreditation scheme expanded to include council officers?

Our questions and answers (September 2010) explains the reasons for the decision to expand the accreditation scheme to council officers.

Do council trainees have to meet the core performance criteria to be accredited by the Board?

Yes. ALL certifiers (and applicants), in any category of accreditation, must meet the core performance criteria set out in the accreditation scheme.

What are the requirements for signs on development sites?

Our information sheet has more about signs on development sites.

Is the accreditation of council certifiers affected by local government mergers?

No. Whether or not the council you work for will be amalgamated with other councils, your certifier accreditation will remain valid. Read more