The accreditation scheme

The Building Professionals Board's accreditation scheme is a legal document made under the Building Professionals Act 2005.

The accreditation scheme establishes:

  • requirements for accreditation in NSW by the Board, including required knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications
  • categories of accreditation that cover a range of professions related to building, construction and development (such as building surveying, engineering, subdivision and strata certification)
  • core performance criteria that all certifiers must meet, and specialty performance criteria tailored to each category of accreditation
  • a code of conduct for certifiers
  • an annual program of continuing professional development for certifiers.

Amendments to the accreditation scheme

Proposed amendments (except minor amendments) must be placed on public exhibition for a consultation period of at least 28 days. Submissions are then taken into consideration and the proposals updated as appropriate, before being adopted by the Minister.

Recent amendments