CPD - private certifiers who work for council

14 Jul 2015
Certifiers who work for a council, but do not hold council accreditation, have the same requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) as private certifiers.

This applies even if all your certification work is carried out for a council.

If you don't meet your CPD requirements, you must write to the Board to:

  • provide details of any CPD and other training completed during the accreditation period
  • explain why the Board should not refuse to renew your accreditation
  • explain how you will meet your CPD requirements for the next accreditation period.

How to confirm your CPD requirements

The explanatory letter issued with your certificate of accreditation sets out your CPD requirements. You can also refer to the Accreditation Scheme.

If the word 'council' appears on your certificate of accreditation, you must complete eight hours of CPD each year. This will only apply if you have council accreditation (certificates issued between 1 March 2010 - 1 March 2013, with no subsequent gap in accreditation), in which case you will also have a condition of accreditation limiting you to certification work on behalf of a council.

If the word 'council' does not appear on your certificate of accreditation, you must satisfy the CPD requirements of one of the two professional associations recognised by the Board (the AAC and the AIBS) for A1-A4 certifiers, both of which require certifiers to complete thirty hours of CPD each year, whether or not you are employed by a council. The only alternatives are to undertake equivalent CPD or 25 hours of study towards a Board-recognised qualification.

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