Data supports better buildings – new reporting by certifiers

7 Aug 2017
In response to the Lambert Review the NSW Government recognises that systems to capture, use and share building certification data can be improved.

Robust and detailed data has a vital role in ensuring better buildings, because it can tell us about both the compliance of individual buildings and potential weaknesses in the regulatory system.

Data may, for example, help pinpoint a building requiring further investigation, or reveal systemic errors at a certain stage that could warrant changes to the critical stage inspection regime.

The NSW Government is committed to building this evidence base. Later this year, local councils and A1, A2 and A3 certifiers will start reporting data to the Government about the buildings they certify.

Among other important details, they’ll report whether a building includes performance solutions, such as to its facade or fire safety systems, and if any critical stage inspections were missed.

First there will be a voluntary reporting phase, followed by mandatory reporting from a date to be announced.

To make data reporting as effortless as possible for certifiers there will be three reporting options to choose from – a mobile app, API (application program interface) or SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).

The app is currently undergoing user testing, while certification software companies are (or will be) updating their software products to enable and automate reporting for their customers.

Updates will be published in the Board’s e-news and on our website.