Investigation of Griffith City Council as a certifying authority

21 Sep 2017
The Board recently completed an investigation of Griffith City Council in its capacity as a certifying authority.

The Building Professionals Board investigates accredited certifiers working in councils and the private sector, as well as local councils in their capacity as certifying authorities to ensure they meet their statutory obligations.

In accordance with section 45(8) of the Building Professionals Act 2005, the Board’s final investigation report has been published on this website.

The final report was issued to Council on 25 July 2017 and made recommendations as to how the council manages, operates and delivers certification services.

The council is required to implement the recommendations and report to the Board within 12 months demonstrating the recommendations have been implemented.

A copy of the final report was also provided to the Chief Executive of the Office of Local Government in accordance with the requirements of the Building Professionals Act.