Voluntarily suspend your accreditation for time off work

14 Jul 2015
Certifiers: taking time off work for some months?

You can ask the Board to voluntarily suspend your accreditation for up to 12 months.

Voluntary suspension is not a penalty. It's ideal if you are planning a break between jobs, or wish to retire from full-time work, take a holiday and then work part-time or on a casual basis. It's also suitable for council certifiers who seek time off work but don't want to lose their council accreditation.

You must complete required continuing professional development activities, even during a voluntary suspension period.

Insurance benefits

Certifiers with an approved voluntary suspension do not need to obtain professional indemnity insurance for any gap in employment covered by the voluntary suspension.

If you have a gap in your employment not covered by a voluntary suspension, you must obtain insurance to cover the gap, and will need to obtain this insurance each year.

Your accreditation will not be automatically suspended if you're just out of work for a while. You must apply to the Board in writing for your accreditation to be suspended.

Council certifiers

Leaving council employment

If you're a council certifier leaving council employment, you must either:

  • ask the Board to suspend your accreditation until you provide verification that you are again employed, OR
  • obtain professional indemnity insurance covering you from the first day that you are no longer employed until the day you are again employed by a council.

You may renew your council accreditation during a voluntary suspension, whether or not currently employed by a council, provided you lodge your renewal form before your accreditation expires.

Council certifiers changing employers

If you're just moving from one council to another, with no gap in employment, continue to use your current accreditation and notify the Board of your change of employer.

Request a voluntary suspension - request form

Submit your completed pdf voluntary suspension request form (PDF | 139.5K) to the Board.