Swimming pool certification

The Building Professionals Board sought feedback about a proposal to introduce a new category of accredited certifier to inspect child-resistant barriers around swimming pools and spa pools, and to certify compliance with the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

From 29 April 2016, swimming pools on residential properties must be inspected by a certifier or council before the property can be leased or sold.

To respond to anticipated demand for certificates of compliance, the Board created a new 'E1 Swimming Pool Certification' category. E1 certifiers add to existing category A1-A3 certifiers who can inspect and certify pool barriers.

Exhibition documents

To create the E1 category, the Board exhibited amendments to its Accreditation Scheme, and the Building Professionals Amendment (Accredited Certifiers) Regulation 2014.


The public consultation period ran from 6 August 2014 to 2 September 2014.

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ABE Education pdf Submission - ABE Education (PDF | 174.5K)
Active Assessing pdf Submission - Active Assessing (PDF | 139.5K)
Advocate Consultants pdf Submission - Advocate Consultants (PDF | 54.8K)
Akram Jawabreh doc Submission - Akram Jawabreh (Word | 22K)
APSIC (Accredited Pool Safety Inspector Course)
Association of Accredited Certifiers pdf Submission - AAC (PDF | 131.7K)
Barry Stegeman doc Submission - Barry Stegeman (Word | 22.5K)
BCA Consulting Mid North Coast doc Submission - BCA Consulting (Word | 21.5K)
Ben Smith pdf Submission - Ben Smith (PDF | 125.1K)
Brian Shatte doc Submission - Brian Shatte (Word | 22.5K)
Brodie Winn doc Submission - Brodie Winn (Word | 25K)
Christine Robinson pdf Submission - Christine Robinson (PDF | 55.7K)
City of Sydney pdf Submission - City of Sydney (PDF | 73K)
Civil Scope doc Submission - Civil Scope (Word | 21.5K)
Coastline Pest Control pdf Submission - Coastline Pest Control (PDF | 137.1K)
Colin Martin doc Submission - Colin Martin (Word | 22K)
Collard Maxwell Architects doc Submission - Collard Maxwell Architects (Word | 21.5K)
Darryl Honeyman doc Submission - Darryl Honeyman (Word | 22K)
David Eagles pdf Submission - David Eagles (PDF | 272.5K)
Don Farquhar doc Submission - Don Farquhar (Word | 22K)
Gary Scott pdf Submission - Gary Scott (PDF | 253.6K)
Glenn Bulmer doc Submission - Glenn Bulmer (Word | 22.5K)
Gordon Clarke doc Submission - Gordon Clarke (Word | 26.5K)
Holroyd City Council pdf Submission - Holroyd City Council (PDF | 91.5K)
Housesafe Training Academy
Issa Maamari doc Submission - Issa Maamari (Word | 22.5K)
Jim Hutcheon pdf Submission - Jim Hutcheon (PDF | 70.2K)
John Walker pdf Submission - John Walker (PDF | 101K)
Joshua Grice doc Submission - Joshua Grice (Word | 22.5K)
J's Property Maintenance doc Submission - Js Property Maintenance (Word | 22.5K)
Karl Batchelar pdf Submission - Karl Batchelar (PDF | 182.6K)
Kim Jones pdf Submission - Kim Jones (PDF | 59K)
Kris Chambers doc Submission - Kris Chambers (Word | 23.5K)
Mark Hardie doc Submission - Mark Hardie (Word | 31.5K)
Michael Hopkins doc Submission - Michael Hopkins (Word | 26.5K)
Nick Radford doc Submission - Nick Radford (Word | 22K)
Pool Angels Pty Ltd pdf Submission - Pool Angels (PDF | 433.9K)
Poolside Solutions Richmond doc Submission - Poolside Solutions (Word | 21.5K)
Poolwerx Corporation
Property Rejuvenators pdf Submission - Property Rejuvenators (PDF | 63.1K)
Raymond James doc Submission - Raymond James (Word | 22.5K)
Richard Doggett pdf Submission - Richard Doggett (PDF | 52.1K)
Riverina Regional Cities pdf Submission - Riverina Regional Cities (PDF | 1.5M)
Robert Pearce doc Submission - Robert Pearce (Word | 25.5K)
Scott Whitehouse doc Submission - Scott Whitehouse (Word | 22K)
Silkwater Pty Ltd pdf Submission - Silkwater (PDF | 1.3M)
Solutions in Engineering pdf Submission - Solutions in Engineering (PDF | 403.2K)
Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils pdf Submission - SSROC (PDF | 373.8K)
Stephen Hurley pdf Submission - Stephen Hurley (PDF | 82.1K)
Sutherland Shire Council pdf Submission - Sutherland Shire Council (PDF | 233.7K)
Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance (SPASA) pdf Submission - SPASA (PDF | 756K)
Swimming Pool Retail Association Australia (SPRAA) pdf Submission - SPRAA (PDF | 304.6K)
Triton Pool & Spa Inspections pdf Submission - Triton Pool & Spa Inspections (PDF | 1.8M)
University of Technology, Sydney: Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government doc Submission - UTS:ACELG (Word | 24.5K)
Vincent Dunne pdf Submission - Vincent Dunne (PDF | 65.3K)
Warren Cross pdf Submission - Warren Cross (PDF | 15.3M)
Warringah Council pdf Submission - Warringah Council (PDF | 113.9K)
William Dagger doc Submission - William Dagger (Word | 25K)
Wollongong City Council doc Submission - Wollongong City Council (Word | 23K)
Zoltan Pinter doc Submission - Zoltan Pinter (Word | 24K)
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