Swimming pool certifiers and pool barrier repairs

From 29 October 2015 to 27 January 2016, the Building Professionals Board exhibited proposals to:

  • allow E1 swimming pool certifiers to carry out minor repairs to pool barriers to make pools safer, more quickly
  • reduce the accreditation fee for E1 applicants
  • require E1 certifiers to undertake six hours of continuing professional development each year.

The Board exhibited proposed amendments to the pdf Building Professionals Regulation 2007 (PDF | 141K) and pdf Accreditation Scheme (PDF | 131.1K) and invited submissions via email and post. View submissions

As a result of the feedback received during the consultation, it was decided to:

  • allow E1, A1, A2 and A3 certifiers to carry out minor repairs (maximum $1,000) provided they are currently authorised under the Home Building Act to carry out swimming pool building or structural landscaping.
  • ensure the minor works can only be carried out to bring the swimming pool into compliance with the Swimming Pools Act 1992 for the purpose of issuing a certificate of compliance under that Act
  • ensure minor works are carried out as expeditiously as possible
  • reduce the accreditation and renewal fee for category E1 to $750.


Submission from Download submission
Association of Accredited Certifiers pdf Submission - Association of Accredited Certifiers (PDF | 178.2K)
Australian Institute of Building Surveyors NSW/ACT chapter pdf Submission - Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (PDF | 209.7K)
BCA Logic pdf Submission - BCA Logic (PDF | 96.4K)
Ben Dartnell docx Submission - Ben Dartnell (Word | 15.9K)
Bill Bruce docx Submission - Bill Bruce (Word | 13.7K)
Bob Rona docx Submission - Bob Rona (Word | 15.4K)
Brad Norris docx Submission - Brad Norris (Word | 14.8K)
Brendan Shaw docx Submission - Brendan Shaw (Word | 14.7K)
Building Inspection Certificate pdf Submission - Building Inspection Certificate (PDF | 69.8K)
Child Death Review Team (NSW Ombudsman) pdf Submission - Child Death Review Team (PDF | 121.3K)
Christian Miles docx Submission - Christian Miles (Word | 13.7K)
Colin Wood docx Submission - Colin Wood (Word | 14.7K)
Courtney King docx Submission - Courtney King (Word | 26.1K)
Craig Champness docx Submission - Craig Champness (Word | 81.6K)
David Donvito docx Submission - David Donvito (Word | 26.5K)
David Wilson docx Submission - David Wilson (Word | 13.4K)
Denis Barnett docx Submission - Denis Barnett (Word | 15.2K)
Dubbo City Council docx Submission - Dubbo City Council (Word | 50.2K)
Grant Harrington
Greg Johnston docx Submission - Greg Johnston (Word | 25K)
Guy Marchant docx Submission - Guy Marchant (Word | 13.7K)
Housing Industry Association pdf Submission - Housing Industry Association (PDF | 134.2K)
James Duval docx Submission - James Duval (Word | 14.4K)
James Muller docx Submission - James Muller (Word | 14K)
Jeff Neate pdf Submission - Jeff Neate (PDF | 151.5K)
Jeff Wang docx Submission - Jeff Wang (Word | 11.8K)
Jerry Lalis docx Submission - Jerry Lalis (Word | 14.9K)
John Denoon docx Submission - John Denoon (Word | 11.9K)
John Jeremijczyk docx Submission - John Jeremijczyk (Word | 14.8K)
John Scerri docx Submission - John Scerri (Word | 11.9K)
Marc Worner docx Submission - Marc Worner (Word | 16.3K)
Marguerite Allen docx Submission - Marguerite Allen (Word | 15.2K)
Mark McLean docx Submission - Mark McLean (Word | 19.2K)
Merv Prendergast docx Submission - Merv Prendergast (Word | 17.1K)
Mitchell Tate docx Submission - Mitchell Tate (Word | 14.8K)
Neil Skeates docx Submission - Neil Skeates (Word | 13.4K)
Office of Local Government, NSW pdf Submission - Office of Local Government (PDF | 1.5M)
Paul Cox, Kogarah City Council docx Submission - Paul Cox, Kogarah City Council (Word | 21.1K)
Paul Wilson docx Submission - Paul Wilson (Word | 27.2K)
Peter Craven-Sands docx Submission - Peter Craven-Sands (Word | 13.9K)
Peter Rowan docx Submission - Peter Rowan (Word | 19.2K)
Port Macquarie-Hastings Council docx Submission - Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (Word | 15.8K)
Randwick City Council pdf Submission - Randwick City Council (PDF | 4.5M)
Ray James docx Submission - Ray James (Word | 14.8K)
Real Estate Institute of NSW
Richard Roja docx Submission - Richard Roja (Word | 14.6K)
Robert Noakes docx Submission - Robert Noakes (Word | 25.9K)
Ross Sampson docx Submission - Ross Sampson (Word | 13.8K)
Simon Rangiuia docx Submission - Simon Rangiuia (Word | 13.7K)
Swimming Pool and Spa Association, NSW and ACT
Steve Clout docx Submission - Steve Clout (Word | 15.1K)
Steven Hinds docx Submission - Steven Hinds (Word | 15.3K)
Taj Singh docx Submission - Taj Singh (Word | 14.7K)
Ted Gudaitis docx Submission - Ted Gudaitis (Word | 13.3K)
Tim Tuxford docx Submission - Tim Tuxford (Word | 13.4K)
Triton Pool & Spa Inspections